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surfing with helen bates - switzerland and belgium - june 7 - 04

updated tue 8 jun 04


Helen Bates on mon 7 jun 04

Surfing with Helen Bates - Switzerland and Belgium - June 7 - 04

(No more German sites ready for the moment.)

Magy Reist (near Basle, Switzerland)

High fired Ceramics. Porcelain and Stoneware. Crystal Glazes, Celadon,
Chun, Oil Spot, Temmoku, Tea Dust. She uses rare oxides in some
crystalline work. Amazing control of form, glaze, and crystals.

In Belgium:

Pierre Caille (Brussels, Belgium)

Sculptor, Ceramist, painter, etc.

Annette Defoort (Belgium)

Clay sculptor

Madame Taty (Belgium)

(Glaze recipes) (Articles and tips on pottery)
Mme Taty also has a cuisine site.


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