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sales at shows low

updated wed 9 jun 04


Gene Arnold on mon 7 jun 04

So for this year we have been to 3 pottery fairs (only pottery) and =
sales have been way low but on the other hand our gallery sales have =
been great.

People come into the booth and go on and on about how beautiful our =
pieces are and how much they really love the glazes and colors, but few =
buy. If they didn't mean it wouldn't they just say nothing at all??? =
They will go to other booths and make purchases of cheaper pieces. Our =
pieces average about $50.00 and up but I do have some less than $50.00. =
I guess I need to get busy and crank out a bunch of small items just for =

We just attended a pottery show this weekend. I guess I'm just venting a =
little here and wondering if anyone else was having this experience??

I just had high hopes for the pottery shows this year seeing how the =
galleries were doing so well.

Looking forward to the day when we don't have to do as many shows!!!

Thanks for letting me vent a little!!!

Gene & Latonna

Teresa Testa on tue 8 jun 04

Hello All,

This year I did the Tempe Festival of the Arts, in Tempe, AZ. My sales were
low for the three day event. I sold a lot smaller items, those I would call
my bread and butter items, (around the $20.00 range).These items accounted for
a good 1/3 of my sales. I was not even going make any smaller items, since I
thought I would be successful enough without them. I thought it was the venue
and/or the location of the show. Although it could be the economy. I make
fine art porcelain sculpture, and it seemed as if most of my customers were
looking for functional ware. Although I was promised that this would be a fine
arts venue, don't mention the word soap dish to me again!!! I will not go back

I did another 2 day local show called the Boulder City Fine Arts Fair,
located in Boulder City, Nevada. I did almost as much in 2 days as I did for the
three days in Tempe and I did not have traveling expenses. I am going to stick
to the local shows for now. I may want to try a big Fine Arts Show on the
West coast, if anyone can recommend a good one let me know. Oh, and by the way,
I subscribe to Sunshine artists magazine for all my show information, but it
seems mostly geared towards the East coast. Does anyone know of a magazine
that rates and features west coast shows?

My gallery work seems to be picking up this season.

Teresa, Windancer Studio