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credit card payments and the potters council

updated sat 5 jun 04


Earth and Fire Pottery on thu 3 jun 04

Hi everyone-

I must admit here i have been dormant for a while, head down and all that, but upon seeing this post, i had to respond that yes, i do use the credit card service offered by the potters council. I have had it about a year, and it has worked flawlessly. It is through a company in Texas, and you set up your account through one particular person. (See potters' council benefits page for information). There is a $3.50 a month service charge, and the transaction charge is low. My sales too have increased because of the ability to take cards, and i also use the 'trust' method here by taking the card without verifying it immediately. I swipe the card, and call it in later. I could call it in right then and there with a cell phone, as the input is over the phone. Once i leaned how, it was easy. They are supposed to cut you off for being dormant, but they are very lax about it. So all you need is the card swiper to have a record of the transaction for you and the customer, and a phone at
some point. Oh yes, there is a one time set up fee.
I would recommend this service highly.


Where it's starting to get hot, 95 today and breezy. It will be shouting pines tonight!

Gregg Allen Lindsley
Earth and Fire Pottery
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Board Member Potters Council
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