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dust mask--clay times articles

updated thu 3 jun 04


John Hesselberth on wed 2 jun 04

Hi Everyone,

Good news. Polly Beach has just posted the 2 dust mask articles I
referenced a couple weeks ago on the Clay Times web site.

She doesn't quite have all the internal links updated (she is doing a
major overhaul of the Clay Times web site--it is really turning into an
excellent resource) so it is easiest to get there at the moment by
going directly to the pages where the articles are.

Find the first in the series (fitting and testing dust masks) at

The second one (mask types and specifications) is at

Please check these out yourself and urge all your potter friends to do
the same. It is the only place I have found that gives this kind of
information in a good, succinct fashion.



John Hesselberth