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accepting credit cards - a quick how-to

updated thu 3 jun 04


Lois Ruben Aronow on wed 2 jun 04

Kathie Wrote:
> I too need to know how one can take credit cards or debit
> cards for payment. I know I can if I am at the shop where I
> have phone, but if I am at a show what do I do? Cash isn't
> something that people carry , it has turned into a plastic
> world, and we need to go with it. Thanks Kathie

I started by calling Retriever, who advertises in every craft magazine there
is. Depending on your volume, how often you sell, and where you sell, they
will find someone who will take your account. I shopped around after they
gave me a quote, and the company they referred me to was by far the cheapest
for my needs. Only Costco was cheaper, but I'd need a minimum of $20 in
fees paid every month, and I don't do that. I only show sporadically.

Anyhow, the company I use, Orion, is great. They set up everything over the
phone. They send me a knucklebuster and forms. Voila - I am in business.

I wanted to have a terminal though. One word to the wise: EBAY!! I got a
Hypercom T7P (pretty much a standard with all companies) for $165. You can
get a terminal w/o a printer, but then you have to do the knucklebuster
thing as well, which is time consuming and I never get a decent imprint. I
bought extra printer ribbons and tapes on line very cheap. I have a whole
bunch of friends who went the Ebay route and were equally satisfied. If you
rent your terminal, you will end up paying A LOT more in the not-too-long
run. Buying the machine pays for itself in a matter of months, plus you get
a cheaper rate by swiping, so you do need a terminal.

Hope this was somewhat helpful.

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Lois Ruben Aronow
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