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updated wed 2 jun 04


pdp1@EARTHLINK.NET on tue 1 jun 04

Hi Andrew,

You are close I think!

(After a while you will get used to these seeming
bafflements of things said...)

The method being, that one uses the 'end' of the Hydrometer,
to scratch-through-the-surface of the Glaze, to gauge it's


Best wishes,

el ve

----- Original Message -----

> Dear Lee,
> I couldnt agree more that scratching through the applied
layer is the way
> to measure glaze thickness. But who suggested that a
hydrometer be used?
> A hydrometer measures the relative density of a liquid.
How can this be
> used to asses glaze thickness? At best a hydrometer can be
> indirectly, to indicate the solids content but its pretty
poor at that due
> to the high viscosity of many glazes. Certainly a constant
solids content
> is necessary to remove one variable but as you say others,
such as
> permeability of the ware, exist.
> This doesnt seem to be an traditional versus scientific
approach rather
> the misapplication of a measuring device.
> Regards,
> Andrew