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alternative possibility to the lark rejections

updated tue 1 jun 04


June Perry on mon 31 may 04

With all the posted notes on the Lark rejections, I'm thinking that there are
alternatives. For instance, why not put together our own book -- "1000 Great
Functional Pots"
Each artist contributes $25 for each photo accepted, and receives a
proportional share of the profits. That would generate a $25,000 budget for a first,
quality printing with any excess money to be placed in the general fund for
distribution back to the participating artists.
Maybe we could get someone with prior publishing experience like Ron and/or
John to do the layout work, get it printed etc; and get a higher proportional
share of the profits in return for putting it together.
The work could be in sections as to the forms, i.e. storage vessels. pouring
vessels, serving vessels, etc; and type of firing: Wood fired, Salt/Soda
fired, Gas, Oxidation, etc.
Also included would be info on the glaze and technique and the name and
contact information for the artist.
It's obvious from the success of those Lark books that people are hungry for
pictures of quality functional work.
Just mulling around ideas on a holiday morning. :-)

Warmest regards,
June Perry