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george mccauley's spectacular workshop

updated fri 4 jun 04


Diane Rae on fri 28 may 04

First, I've been what you guys call a "lurker" for a while on this list. I
have enjoyed many posts, learned quite a lot, and decided that it's
time I jump in here. So, my first post is about a learning experience I
just had. I have taken numerous workshops, but the last one gave
me energy and motivation that none of the others had given me.

It was a workshop by George McCauley which he presented in Great
Falls, Montana a couple of weeks ago. He demo'd his throwing
techniques, then his post-throwing manipulation of the clay to arrive at
a gentle yet bold looseness that opened up a new world to me. But,
the best part of it was all the fun we had! George's sense of humor
struck a warm note.

He was encouraging while offering gentle nudges in new directions
(one could also call this constructive criticism which is why I take
these workshops).

It was eye-opening to watch established potters like Judy Erickson,
Betty Filius and Cindy Eve throw caution to the wind (not really ALL
their caution) and try his bold techniques within their context of design.
Amazing results.

George is an open book when it comes to his clay techniques. Ask
and he will answer.

I am looking forward to another workshop by George...hopfully this
time on his unique version of maiolica/slip/painting.

Cindy Eve on thu 3 jun 04

I, too, attended George's spectaluar workshop. It was everything that Di
stated and more. I have been to many workshops where you learn a lot of
information but may not have much fun. And I also have been to a
few "party" workshops where you have a blast but don't come away with much
information or inspiration. George managed to combine great humor and
information. But best of all, I am back in my studio looking at pots in a
new way. I have been inspired to try new things and have a new attitude.
Thanks George!