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pinholes, highwater desert buff cone 4-6

updated fri 28 may 04


Daraburn@AOL.COM on thu 27 may 04

Pinholes are making me crazy! Yes, I have done everything I know to
do...sloooow bisque to cone 04, slow glaze firing with soak (as per John's schedule),
wiping dust off bisque, sieving well...I know all that. And I have gone over
the archives. Well, I found one obscure comment about OVERFIRING could cause
pinholes. OK, ???...when I fire Desert Buff which is cone 4-6 and the cone is
tip touching, do you think I have gone too high and that is causing
pinholes??? I also noticed in an old post that Veegna had mentioned pinholes with
Desert Buff. Any Desert Buff buffs out there? I'm ready to chunk it all! Please
give me advice.

Dawn in Tennessee