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the mythology of newness: was re: jurying,

updated thu 27 may 04


pdp1@EARTHLINK.NET on wed 26 may 04

etc. - now meandering unto basic questions maybe...(two)

(...having contin'd as...)

> > There is
> > always the fact that most pottery making has been the
production of
> > vessels (generally round) intended for use and that such
production is
> > most productive when using a wheel of some kind.

Right...I think there is a 'reason' for this, and it is

That is what Pottery "is"...that is the description OF

Ceramic Sculpture and it's kin, Industrial Porcelain
castings for Electrical or Chemical interests, Architectural
ornaments or what, Glazed or unglazed Bricks, Tierra Cotts
or other Tiles, Drain
or Vent Pipes, and
what not else, Porcelain Doll Heads, Spark Plugs, Telegraph
Telephone Insulators etc, Vitreous Grinding Wheels,
Commodes, all may be found to enjoy their own names,
and, to be catagorically distinguished from Pottery even if
they may be 'Ceramic'...

Now, is there something about all this which I am missing?



(You know, that happyface thing...)

el ve