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beginning clay books

updated wed 26 may 04


Joyce Lee on mon 24 may 04

American Ceramic Society also publishes and
sells great how-to books. The brand new
Pottery Making Illustrated handbooks (Pottery
Making Techniques) are a buy. They get
a newbie started with step-by-step instructions....
easy to follow. In turn that can spark the
thinking and creative process, which makes
them even more valuable.

AND, if you belong to Potters Council, you
receive a 20% discount. The discount on a
couple of books can pay your dues for the
year. =20

Am I associated with ACerS and Potters
Council? No disclaimers here. Yes, indeedy,=20
and very proud of the association...... but I get nothing
in return except pride in perhaps pointing a
new potter in a positive, helpful direction
along the same path many of us have taken.

In the Mojave Desert of California U.S.A.