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leveling with you... now uneven rims, getting even with rejection

updated tue 25 may 04


claybair on fri 21 may 04

Tonight while trimming a vase it went wonky.
When I turned it over to figure out what happened
I noticed the rim was way soft. I had only felt the bottom
an not the rim before trimming.. duh.
I had a fabulously uneven rim
and rather than throw it in the recycle bucket
I slapped, stamped, pinched it....and.... I like it!
It was a very loose & spontaneous exercise.
It's weird.... my life patterns tend to be spontaneous
and I've always rebelled against tightness and structure
yet my work is frequently tight and structured..... this and
your posting knocked some forgotten sense into me.
We'll see if it sells.

Gayle Bair
Bainbridge Island, WA

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From: clennell

While all of Clayart is trying to get their pots level, i'm doing just the
I'm trying to make my pots like I used to make them before i could throw
precisely. all my cups and bowls are now thrown on a treadle wheel. This
gives that uneven rim that i like.
Potters are going to great lengths these days to get uneven rims. They cut
the rim with a wire or pin tool and then continue the throwing. they stop
the wheel and pinch it in several places like you would a jug lip and then
continue throwing.
I simply use a treadle wheel.snip<