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hank in harrisburg pa

updated tue 25 may 04


Hank Murrow on mon 24 may 04

Dear folks;

I am presenting a one day workshop in Harrisburg PA on Saturday the=20
12th of anyone nearby is welcome to sign up for it if=20=

interested in what I do with clay. So far, the workshop has been well=20
received in Annapolis, Greenbelt, and Far Hills NJ. Here is what they=20
have to say about it........the cost is a very low $40!

Cheers to All, Hank on-the-road but resting at the moment in Far=20
Hills, NJ. NYC tomorrow! for three days.

> This is a reminder that we will be hosting a workshop by Hank Murrow=20=

> in Harrisburg PA on Saturday, June 12.
> =A0
> Hank Murrow is a functional potter from Eugene, Oregon (=20
> ).=A0He has developed a line of tools=20
> including
> "Hank=92s Wire Tool", with different grades of interchangeable twisted=20=

> wires, as well as cut off and unique trimming tools. He has extensive=20=

> experience with shino and prospects and mines his own clay. He will=20=

> demo throwing and altering techniques in the morning and trimming and=20=

> faceting techniques in the afternoon.=A0He plans to prepare pots on=20
> Friday afternoon so that he can have them ready to trim on Saturday=20=

> afternoon with his roller used for compressing bottoms. There will be=20=

> an opportunity for some to try the tools on his pots.
> The workshop will be all day on Saturday, June 12 at the Ceramics=20
> Studio in
> the Rose Lehrman Arts Center at HACC=92s Wildwood Campus.
> =A0
> We'll plan to start at 9:00 and have a pot-luck lunch.=A0 He'll=A0demo=20=

> throwing
> in the morning and trimming in the afternoon, finishing up late in =
> afternoon with=A0a slide show. Hank said he will have lots of stories=20=

> about
> various teachers he has had the privilege to know. He usually does =
> workshop in 2 days, but we thought a long Saturday would fit people's
> schedules better. We need 20 participants, so please talk to other=20
> potters
> who might be interested.
> =A0
> We have worked to keep down the cost of the workshop and plan to=20
> offer it
> for $40 per person. Please rsvp asap to=A0
> =A0or call Ruthann Santry =
> =A0

Marvpots@AOL.COM on mon 24 may 04

WE at the New Jersey Artists Guild had the plaeasure of having Hank Morrow
for a 2 day workshop at one of our member's studio, during which he demonstrated
has techniques for throwing plates, bowls, and trimming them with great Bison
Tools and creating a shallow foot on plates without removing any material but
using his own designed roller, moving the clay rather than removing the clay.
The workshop, which ended yesterday afternoon elicited this comment from one
of our most experienced potters: " The workshop was great; please pass along
my thanks to Hank; he's a very knowledgeable and sensitive man with a very
generous, giving spirit."