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clay it forward/cookbooks and

updated mon 24 may 04


Joyce Lee on sun 23 may 04

James Chappell's Clay and Glazes, Revised
edition. The cookbooks are Clayart
Cooks. =20

I posted these before but think that they
were lost because we had so many items
donated at one time. We still have a few
more waiting to be offered.

If you have need of, or would like to have, the
above books ..... feel it would help you in your
work ... or simply be inspiring and/or entertaining
and can't really afford at this time to spend
that kind of money on yourself, post me.
Include your snail mail address, please. If
you've applied before and were or were not
the successful applicant, please apply again.
Clayarters only, please.

Thank you.

In the Mojave deciding to return to plant and
flower containers for awhile...... wheel
thrown mostly right now because I need to
experience the ebb&flow .... and because
my lovely Shimpo is feeling neglected. The
routine that helped me find my (or "a") rhythm
in the past was to throw so many of my
target pots (bowls, I believe) ..... then pause
briefly to extrude a half dozen or so of David
Hendley's forms ..... then return to my objective
...... until I'd thrown a hundred or so...... plus
the bonus of a couple dozen extruded pots.
Doesn't take all that long either. The first=20
couple of times this self-assignment DID take
forever and ever ..... and most of those were
hammered, or recycled before the Hammering
Stage ..... or landed in the UglyPotSpot,
if I liked them at all. I'm thinking about attaching
the Best of the Worst to the downed trees about
on the scrub acreage. Can't wait.

I was going to send a pitcher for Chris's page
but clucked out ...... didn't like what I have
available (lots of pots on the shelves but not
much quality; anything worthwhile has sold
over the past year just from folks passing by
or dropping in since nothing was offered for