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updated mon 24 may 04


pdp1@EARTHLINK.NET on sat 22 may 04

etc. - now meandering unto basic questions maybe...

Hi Lee, Wes, all...

Just some ramble(s)...ruminations...


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From: "Lee Love"
> Wes Rolley wrote:
> > Pottery, on the other hand, can never escape its

I have heard that said a number of times...

But, I do not know what this means...or, as often, I am

...or, what can 'escape' some kind of description of it's
traditions'? is there anything we can think of as can?

It seems to me, that one may learn to make Pots, and to do
so on some kind of
Wheel, and, knowing nothing of any traditions, manage, after
a while, to make
entirely nice, useful, reasonably durable and sensitively
intelligent Pots. More or less about as people have done all
the while being as they too were 'people' who were making
Pots and so on...

Automobiles as such, may find difficulties escapeing the
tradition of having four Wheels, and Motorcycles, of having
respectively 'two'...

I think the number of Wheels does have something to do with
'what' they, Cars and 'Bikes... are...and I am not sure how
either, to remain what-they-are, could escape the
operatively, catagorically significant number of 'Wheels'...

...or unicycles, 'one'...or Sleds, Sleighs, Skids...none...

Or, of Locomotives of being traditionally obliged to remain
on their ( or
'tracks'...lest they bog down in the soils or other...which
I may remind, they would tend to do, too...and reliably,
which is some of 'why' we like to have and keep them...'on'
their ( or someone's ) "tracks".

While, a Traction Engine, tho' similar, is obliged out of
politeness or demur, to
refrain from the 'tracks' and to abide 'soils'...where, with
it's wide Wheels, it is at 'home'...

It just might have something to do with 'what
something 'is'...

Or, is this like saying that Pottery is liable to (too
much?) resemble 'Pottery' oweing to how it is made of fired
Clay and so on, and or sometimes, usually, made upon the
Wheel? -that Pottery tends, if happily to some, and
regrettably to others, to resemble...'Pottery'?

Is this a matter of tradition per-se, or, is it a matter of
Pottery 'is'?

el ve