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pit fire party at nottingham....

updated sat 22 may 04


terry sullivan on thu 20 may 04

One last plug for our party here at Nottingham Center for the Arts in
San Marcos, CA.
The party / pit fire is saturday May 22nd. and sunday morning the
23rd. for the pit uncovering.

This is a very fun event open to all artists. We have lots of
ceramists who come to put their pots in the pit fire, but we also
have lots of folks who just come to hang out to mix with others
and enjoy the food and mix with others who love the crafts and arts.

There will be flamework glass artistis demonstrating bead making,
woodworkers, glass blowers, clay folks, sculptors, and all sorts of
people comming to party.

It's just an excuse to have a big party of folks. Come and bring
whomever you lile.

Bring a potluck dish, something to bbq if you like, some libations and
enjoy the company of good folks.

Check out our web site for more information and directions at:

Terry Sullivan
Nottingham Center for the Arts
San Marcos, CA
personal email to :