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surfing with helen bates - australia - may 17th., 2004

updated tue 18 may 04


Helen Bates on mon 17 may 04

Surfing with Helen Bates - Australia - May 17th., 2004

Hi, I've been to Australia... ;-)

Ian Jones Laughing frog Pottery (Gundaroo, Australia)

(Contemporary potter - woodfired work)

Australian Ceramics

The Australian Ceramics Directory
The Journal of Australian Ceramics -- Pottery in Australia
The Potters' Society

Graham Mercer, (Warrandyte, Australia)

(Graham makes do with a 1 cu foot electric kiln and a home-made raku=20
kiln. Great "Fossil" pots!)

Arthur Rosser's Sidestoke site for woodfiring potters:
(Don't type an "r" in there like I did!)
Here is some of what is available on the site. Geoff Crispin: Photos
of the rebuilding of the Whiteman Creek kiln and of pots from the kiln's
second firing; Laughing Frog Pottery's Moraig McKenna and Ian Jones use
two anagamas and will host the Gundaroo woodfire conference in 2005; Ben
Richardson fires with acacia wood and favours Tasmanian materials; Peter
Rushforth: A visit to his pottery in the Blue Mountains; Andrew Stewart:=20
Images of Andrew=B4s pots and his long throat Bourry box kiln; Cooling
Procedures: A brief comment on terminology in anticipation of future
discussion of cooling procedures; The East Timor Project: Photographs
and a few details of the project organised by Sandra Lockwood and Simon
Levin; Information about new editions of 'Laid Back Wood Firing' and
=B4Australian Woodfiring=B4, books on wood firing by Steve Harrison; Stur=
Craft Centre and Woodfiring at Sturt Pottery: Megan Patey outlines the
history of the Sturt Pottery at Mittagong NSW, Australia; Mexican brick
kilns: Robert Marquez provides elegant solutions to some problems with
traditional kilns; Dennis and Malina Monks: Woodfiring saltglaze
potters from Lismore NSW; Sandra Lockwood: woodfiring saltglaze potter
from Balmoral Village NSW; Len Cook: about an anagama in the wet
rainforest of tropical Queensland, Australia; Blauzuur Keramiek: Linda
De Nil and Erwin Vanderlinden's anagama and gallery in Belgium; Digital
images: scanning prints and preparing image files for emailing and for
web pages; Twin Bourry kiln Plans for a small kiln with two fireboxes;
Bourry firebox: How this downdraught firebox works; Single Bourry kiln:=20
Plans for a small kiln with a single firebox; Simple kilns: Basic
woodfiring experience with low temperature kilns made from common house
bricks; Robert Barron: the firebox of his kiln is itself a kiln;
Mashiko kiln: (Japan)

Ceramics: Art and Perception

Articles from Back Issues:
Issue 52, 2003 - Won Seok Kim's Australian Punch'ong Ware Gayl Leake
Issue 51, 2003 - Sadashi Inuzuka: Natural Beauty through Order Susan
Issue 50, 2002 - Ceramics with Attitude Kevin Murray
Issue 49, 2002 - Wim Borst=92s Instinctive Geometry Liesbeth den Besten
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Issue 43, 2001 - Fast Forward: The Work of Peter Shire Penny Smith
Issue 42, 2001 - The Work of Julia Galloway Paul Mathiuei
Issue 41, 2000 - Pippin Drysdale=91s Physical Extension of Memory David
Issue 40, 2000 - Nedda Guidi: The Rediscovery of Secrets GianCarlo Bojani
Issue 39, 1999 - A Mature and Intense Dialogue with Clay Gertraud M=F6hwa=
Issue 38, 1999 - Sidsel Hanum=92s Ceramic Minimalism Frank Falch
Issue 37, 1999 - Keisuke Mizuno=92s Forbidden Fruit by Charlene Roth
Issue 36, 1999 - A Chinese Aesthetic. The Ceramics of Vivienne Foley by
Stacey Pierson
Issue 35, 1999 - Luciano Laghi's Chromatic Routes by Josune Ruiz de Infan=
Issue 34, 1999 - Blue and White on the Outside... by Anna Griffiths
Issue 33, 1998 - Ceramics from Wales by Michael Flynn
Issue 32, 1998 - Shiho Kanzaki; Moving Always by Dick Lehman
Issue 31, 1998 - The Aquaria of Anne Hirondelle by Gretchen Adkins
Issue 30, 1998 - Gabriele Schnitzenbaumer: Ritual, Balance, Irony
Issue 28, 1997 - Imagined Landscapes, by D. Moon & S. Goldate
Issue 27, 1997 - Notes from Netherdale by Gwyn Hanssen Pigott
Issue 22, 1996 - Earth and Fire by Angella Tamvaki
Issue 23, 1996 - Alchemy and Objecthood by Jennifer Spinks

Pippin Drysdale (Fremantle, Australia)

(Famous for landscape-influenced surface colour on bowl forms)

Craft Culture (Victoria, Australia)

(Online publication by Craft Victoria )

National Gallery of Australia "Material Culture: Aspects of contemporary
Australian craft and design"

View "Transformation Gallery" and "Narrative Gallery" for ceramic pieces
Wisma Antik (David Gonzales) (Trigg, Western Australia)

Dealers in early Ceramics, especially Chinese, including pieces from=20
wrecks, encrusted with barnacles.

Andrew Whitehead 1850 - 1950 (Australia)

(Art Nouveau and Art Deco pieces)


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