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updated sun 16 may 04


Toni Smith on sat 15 may 04

By coincidence, I am currently involved in a six part workshop. The instructor is one of our local treasures who has taught all his life and is well respected for his clay work, whether wheel, hand built or sculpture. His name is George Roby. The tools or no tools idea comes up because in our classes so far, all he has used is a sponge, a needle tool and one trimming tool and a wire. There are only four of us in the class. Most often heard words are, "slow that wheel down,"......."what are your hands doing now?"........"where are your fingers?"......"how long are you going to touch that pot?" We all know how to center, we all have sold our work, we call ourselves potters. But we have respect for this man and we all feel we are still learning, about clay and about ourselves. Sometimes its good to slow down, look inside, think about respect. But in the long run , its worth it. Toni Smith in OHio