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rejection! was" jurying, sales, slides, digital"

updated mon 17 may 04


k. sam miller on sun 16 may 04

Kurt wrote:

I just got my three slide submissions to the Lark Books upcoming
publication 500 Cups back, all " Declined". ...



I'm sorry to hear that you were not accepted for the Lark book. Of course,
I believe that your work belongs in this kind of venue (the cups you
produce are phenomenal craftsmanship & artistry).

However, take some comfort in your rejection!! It sooths my ego to hear
that a clay artists producing work of your caliber still gets
rejection. This has been my year of rejections (rejected from Feats of
Clay, Lark 500 Figures, San Angelo National, Orton Cone Box Show, as well
as the Materials Hard & Soft show in my own backyard - Denton, TX).

I will keep on plugging away & try not to get discouraged, but sometimes a
little positive affirmation is nice!!!



Sam Miller
"Texas Dabbler"
Dallas, TX

(no website yet but a couple of impromtu pix of my latest BIG
Mayan-influenced sculpture as well as a couple of slides of finished pieces...)

"The sleeping dog sighs,
Rabbits run fast in her dreams,
Poor, slow bag of clay."