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made/bought tools just one question

updated mon 17 may 04


logan johnson on sun 16 may 04

Hi Gang,

I have one question. How can a person who works with clay NOT also be a tool maker?
whenever you bend a piece of metal strap for trimming didn't you just make a tool? Whenever you grab a piece of bisque to use for trimming another piece of work didn't you just "make" a tool? I lost a carving tool that I could not work without while traveling. Purchasing a new one was not an option. I only took the one tool & a small stencil brush to clear away the shavings. When the tool was lost do to baggage handling & aparently a bad choice made by me in the first place about where to put that tool I was left with nothing to carve with. Fortunately a broken pair of CHEAP headphones & a small piece of the duct tape I also had turned the stencil brush into one of the best tools for that type of carving that I have. AND it went through all the airport security on the way home allowing me to finish the piece

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