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updated fri 14 may 04


WHC228@AOL.COM on thu 13 may 04

My fire here didn't start at a kiln.
It started over a glaze tank that had a mixer that ran 24/7. No one will ever
know just what happened to overheat that motor. The reason that I lost a
building was that the motor was too close to a combustible surface.
If someone, for instance, laid a jacket or some paper over a motor that ran
warm anyway, there could have been a start. If there was some kind of failure
in the tank, and the breaker didn't go that could have been another reason for
the fire. This list can go on and on.
The issue is to be careful of any electrical use in your potteries, and home.
I often visit other potteries and see the casual way that electricity is
used. Too many power strips, Inadequate wiring, Etc.
Way too many do it yourselfers stringing wire around.
Usually kilns are treated with a great deal of respect. They are the source
of some fires, but the other reasons are just as deadly.
We had folks come in from the outside to inspect our place, and still lost
it. It is practicing safety every day that makes the difference.
Bill Campbell