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updated wed 12 may 04


Jaqartstudio on tue 11 may 04

william schran wrote:Nana wrote:>Man, am I glad I don't run a studio for so many people. Seems like
kilns get used up faster than napkins.<

Kilns, like any other machinery, have a "life" span of usefulness.
Abuse and carelessness result in a shortened life, a bit of care and
fixing the little things often result in a longer life. Depending on
number of firings, how high the firings, the length of firings and
how clean they are kept, the elements have various life spans. For
our kilns at school - 18 - 24 months is what we get out of a set of
elements before I change them out. As time goes on, the firings just
take longer & longer, until the point where the kilns are turned on
6am and don't finish until after 9pm, I'm ready to go home....ok,
change the elements.

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