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photographing cat

updated sat 8 may 04


Angela Davis on thu 6 may 04

I've been watching your keyboard art with curiosity for a few days now,
I was a little taken aback by your "Chicks with beards" graphic. You see,
I saw the quote marks as a clavical, the circle as the belly button and then
is that beard thing, well you get the picture. But I am relieved to find
it is really an Airedale.;-0

To keep this on topic, are you photographing the plate from above?

Angela Davis

~~<)))):> (armadillo)

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From: "Cat Jarosz"
Sent: Thursday, May 06, 2004 6:31 PM
Subject: Re: Photographing plates

> I have not read any of the replys to this one yet so may end up xing
> email before its sent but wanted to try helping some incase this idea has
> been used yet... heavy platters are photographed using a full gallon
> paint can with tape attached so it holds the plate upright and doesn't
show at
> all... with smaller items that a gallon can would be too big for I suppose
> smaller amount can would do.. hope this helps some, Cat Jarosz in
> glorious Azalea surround mnts of NC USA !!!
> V)''(V & >^..^< Chicks with beards rule !!!
> (_o_)
> \||/ ps this is typewriter art of a airedale and a cat !!!! I can
> a fish too
> ok I read the answers aol graces my screen with and no one mentioned paint
> cans and tape.. just masking tape that is double folded so one part
sticks to
> the paint can and one part sticks to the platter/ plate... works
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Cat Jarosz on fri 7 may 04

Ohhhh my goodness LOL I never saw this ROFLMAO now now angela where
is your mind thanks for the n'yuk n'yuks !!! any how this is my
puppy Curly and what passes as a cat ... the reference to chicks with beards
rule is the fact that I am of the age that all my friends are getting beards
why not my dog !!!! ps think menopause !!

ON topic the platters are shot mostly mid level and duct tape not
masking tape used .. I Wanna see the whole thing, not from an angle... I'll
gladly send a picture to anyone that wants to see it or send it to someone that
knows how to put it on a web site so it can be seen for lots of folks... I
have NO GEEK in me all that talent went to my youngest brother...

Cat and Curly Jarosz in the mountains of North Carolina in good ole US of
A....trying to get my home clean after neglecting it for 2 months and doing
things like paint pedestles and make the he man woman hater club aka mini
gallery more gallery like ie scrape and paint ....anything but pot for now... ps
pot as in pottery gotta watch what ya write around here LOL

V)''(V & >^..^< Chicks with beards rule !!!
(_o_) this is an airedale head ears and eyes top line nose and
top lip
\||/ 2nd line and this is the mouth and beard on the 3rd line !!! I am
still trying to see a chick in this and for the life of me ??? Well ( squint
squint ) elbows and nips? oh never mind LOL I aint gonna go there.... my
disclaimer below

this email is constructed from 100% recycled electrons. May contain traces
of nuts !