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help for new ceramics book...latinamerican potters

updated mon 10 may 04


=?iso-8859-1?q?Marilu=20Tejero?= on sun 9 may 04

Steven Goldate from Australia, has asked me to help him with Latinamerican addresses of fellow potters.

Anybody who wishes to help him from any other countries , please contact him through this site.

Come to mind Jorge Naber, Argentina, potters in Guatemala, Belize, ...? please write to Steve.

Helen, I looked at your sites and the only one is Brazil, that I gave you.... Surfing any other country?

Mango Hill, .... but no mangoes on sight..
Hialeah... more like MiamiCUBa ... meeahhmeeKooba
NW Miami, looking at it from the south
FL yeah

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