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carving sintered paperclay - or, dust concerns...

updated mon 10 may 04


pdp1@EARTHLINK.NET on sun 9 may 04

Hi Paula,

It may depend too on how one is Carving, or with what sort
of Tools, so far as how much dust will result.

If useing hand Tools ( as say, distinct from pnuematic saws,
'dremmels', belt sanders or something) I do not think the
dust would be any different than merely being a Clay Studio

Too, the dust from the 'paper' (were one to somehow make
dust from the paper,) and moreso, it's ash by ansent volume
once appearantly burned-away, must be understood to contain
Silica in it's own right, so, as far as that goes, it would
all work out about the same anyway...

el ve

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From: "Paula Reynolds"

Before I try this with students, I am curious about safety
issues "carving sintered paperclay"....I read about this in
Gault's Paper Clay for Ceramic Sculptors. Since the paper
is burned away aren't you simply going to be carving clay
thus creating silica dust to breathe in? [A lot of dust if
done with a studio full of students].

Williamsburg, Virginia