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still no ceramics monthly

updated sat 1 may 04


Joyce Lee on fri 30 apr 04

in the Mojave! At least, though, I'm getting
reports about some of the buds in this May
issue. Connie "Shino To Die For" Christensen
is one of CM's Emerging Artists 2004!!! As
far as most of us are concerned Connie has=20
been emerged/submerged for a long time.
Still such recognition is indeed wonderful.

If you've seen Jean Lehman's Strictly
Functional Pottery National on the net,=20
you've seen
Connie's "Best Teapot," also. Good job,
Connie! I'm glad you were my friend when
I thought you were just Infamous..... this is
a nice adjunct.

In the Mojave hoping that this hiatus from CM
is not like the one of several years ago when
I complained&whined&called them ..... only
to discover that I'd Never paid for my
subscription .... even though I'd received it for
several months. I think they were as
embarrassed for me as I was.