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updated mon 3 may 04


Paul Lewing on sat 1 may 04

Susan, it's been quite a few years since I did them, but I paid to be in
those books two years in a row. I spent $3200 total and the only call I
ever got was from a guy in Korea, who wanted samples of my best-selling
designs right away, so he could be my Far East rep. You know I hopped on
that right away! I've never known anyone who did much better than break
even on the cost of being in them.
Paul Lewing, Seattle

Susan Fox-Hirschmann on sat 1 may 04

I would love to hear from any of you that have had your work in either
The Sourcebook of Architecture and Interior Art or
Art for the Home,
or have been on the Guild's website.
Annandale, VA

Susan Fox-Hirschmann on sun 2 may 04

Thanks Paul
I am working on this large commission for a porcelain and handmade paper
mosaic that I designed and just searching for some new marketing plan to get more
of these commissions. Your honesty about your experience is appreciated!
I am sick and tired of doing most of the shows, and after 22 years of doing
them, finding them exhausting and not all that financially rewarding. The
promoters, in my opinion, should be paying US to entertain the public, rather than
us having to pay such high booth fees. Just my take on it!
Anyway, not sure if the Guild Sourcebook is the way to go, but realizing more
and more that perhaps it will not be money properly directed for my future
Any other ideas out there for marketing large wall constructions would be
Thanks again, Paul, for your input!
Annandale, VA

Susan Fox Hirschmann
Art Pottery
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