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updated sat 1 may 04


Joyce Lee on fri 30 apr 04

Our newest donor is waiting to send out the
following tools to five fortunate recipients.
There are 5 handles, each with a blade already in place. There are 15
replacement blades. We could provide an assortment of 3 different
replacement blades with each handle thereby providing each of five
recipients with the equivalent of four different tools (the shape =
in the handle plus three different replacements).=20

Criteria for Acceptance:

1) member of Clayart

2) serious potter ....... beginner or advanced

3) at the moment financial situation is such
that money for such "extras" is out of
realm of practicality.

If you've applied before...... accepted or not.......
I may no longer have your name on file. Please
apply again.

Thank you.

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