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updated sun 2 may 04


Lili Krakowski on sat 1 may 04

One of the great things about Clayart is all the new words. Acid Ass is =
good. Wonderful. Thank you, Rav Mel.

D. Are you throwing mugs or having a bath? Water water everywhere. =
Water is like love. It is better to have loved and lost than never to =
have loved at all. It is better to use clayey water in throwing, but =
better yet to USE AS LITTLE WATER AS POSSIBLE. Learn to throw dry!!! =20

As to handles. Just pull them. Make a BIG ring, leave it to set up on =
the bat, pull and attach as many handles as you can. Got to next big =
ring. Practice. A mug handle should take three four pulls, and maybe =
30 seconds to attach. Stop putchkying. Be firm. There is NOTHING to =
pulling handles. It is like braiding your hair, or serving a tennis =
ball. Perfectly simple, just need to develop a knack.

As to the mugs. Just do them. Over and over and over and over and =
over. =20

And try to think of throwing as you think of a sport. It is a physical =
skill that you are mastering. Your body and all its 2000 adorable parts =
have to be trained to cooperate. There is, I know, a brain function =
involved, where, with practice the brain says," Oh for pity's sake just =
DO IT and leave me alone" and that is the point both athletes and =
potters have to get to, before they worry what to wear to the award =