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a reading/resource list from college curriculum for independent study

updated tue 4 may 04


Diane Uranowski on mon 3 may 04

I got involved with wheel thrown pottery about 7 years ago as a hobby.
Since that time I have been fortunate enough to purchase a pottery wheel
and a small Olympic Gas kiln. I choose to purchase commercial glazes
rather than make my own, as my technical knowledge is insufficient to take
on that task. I've read many posts to this list about the responsibility
potters have to educate themselves; however, I find that the books and
resources I buy periodically to build my library, while helpful, are all
very general in nature.

So, my request is simple - could someone out there be kind enough to share
a reading/resource list from their college curriculum and help me to educate
myself? I realize that the topics such a list would address would be vast

-- I am simply curious what resources would be used at the college level in
order that I might educate myself as thoroughly as possible through
independent study.

I have great respect for all of the potters who are kind enough to share
knowledge in this forum, and send my thanks to all for your time!

Diane U.,