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surfing with helen bates - usa east part 2 - april 28, 2004

updated fri 30 apr 04


Helen Bates on wed 28 apr 04

Surfing with Helen Bates - USA East part 2 - April 28, 2004

"Crocker Farm" 18th. and 19th. Century stoneware

The Zipp family have an outstanding collection of antique American
Stoneware from Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, NY, NJ & New England
Click on the states' names at the bottom of the page to get started
viewing zoomable pictures of pots. (The Virginia section is quite
extensive at the moment.) Or, click the advert for good quality
thumbnails of pieces that will be sold in the company's first annual

Museum of Civilisation, Canada - Nineteenth-Century Ceramic Wares
Some very nice stoneware was made in Canada in the latter part of the
19th. century, not to mention ironstone China, made in the province of
Quebec and some experimentation with porcelain and parian, and
photography on porcelain.

Weisbrod Chinese Art Ltd. (New York, NY, USA)

Dr. Gerald and his son Michael Weisbrod started as collectors in
Toronto, Canada, and became dealers in New York City. They are still
collectors, but they do sell what the acquire. Plenty of fine ancient
pieces to see here. A superb site. (The "View the Gallery" page lists
several panoramas of the bricks and mortar gallery in New York.)

Ray Bogle (Made With Clay) (Huntingtown MD, USA)

Raku and Stoneware Pottery and Jewelry (specialties raku boxes and pins)
Excellent site, excellent work.

Sullivan, Martha (Sol Pottery) (Floyd, VA, USA)

Sullivan is a potter, ceramic sculptor and pottery instructor with a
large range of styles. Her site has a slide show of her work and
several online galleries of workshops with well-known and up-and-coming
potters and sculptors.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art - The Collection: Islamic Art: View 1

Just typing "pottery" into the search input space is enough to get


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