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surfing with helen bates - eastern us part 4 - apr. 29, 2004

updated fri 30 apr 04


Helen Bates on thu 29 apr 04

Surfing with Helen Bates - Eastern US part 4 - Apr. 29, 2004

Rocky Mann (Bar Harbor, ME, USA)

Rocky Mann was invited by his best friend's father one spring day to sit
at his potter's wheel. "On that day I fell in love with clay and the
potter's life." he wrote. Mann pursued an art school training and a
short pottery apprenticeship in Denmark, then set up his studio in 1971.
After twenty years as a production potter, he and his family moved to
Bar Harbor Maine and built a new studio, where he resumed working in
clay, but now determined to follow his own direction. No longer working
at a production pace, each piece he makes is unique. He spends 2/3 of
his time decorating his pieces, drawing from nature to create graphic
patterns, often of frogs, tree-toads, or turtles.

John Zentner (J Z Pottery) (Northwood, NH, USA)

John Zentner makes functional "standardware" and altered "one of a kind"
pots. He is a strong thrower with a well-integrated line of functional
table and kitchen ware.

Robert Compton Pottery (Bristol, VT, USA)
Robert has completed a major update of his web site. His 2004 Summer
Workshop Schedule has been added as well as scores of new photos related
to kiln designs, firing processes and studio potters.
The music and sound effects throughout the pages are pleasant, and load
integrally. It's a site with lots in it. Pottery types made by Robert,
educational pages, workshops, apprenticship information, and the Potters
B&B. (I've used it a few times. Check it out.) That's just the start.

Hurricane Mountain (Keene NY, USA)

Architect and clay worker Paul Nowicky has opened an artists' residency
program in the Adirondacks near Keene, New York. Winter residencies are
for nine months. In the summer, there is an "Artist-Invites-Artists
Summer Residency" program in which an individual artist invites three to
five others to join in a professional development opportunity for people
who work in earth materials or who derive their inspiration from the
natural world. The facility is about five hours north of New York City
and 2 hours south of Montreal, Canada.



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