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bottom shelf-electric kiln

updated fri 30 apr 04


william schran on thu 29 apr 04

The issue regarding where to place the bottom shelf in an electric
kiln prompted me to write how I've dealt with it in my kiln.

I have a small L&L (4 cu. ft.), no element in the floor. Use a Bailey
vent, hole in wall of bottom section, leave top spy hole plug out,
downdraft venting. Do crystalline glaze firings, 4 hours to cone 6,
not much time for evening out the temp.

After trying several variations, from shelf on floor to different
heights of posts, I finally settled on 3" kiln posts for bottom
shelf. I now get absolutely dead on same cone melt top to bottom.
Have tested this for last ten firings, cones top, middle & bottom.

The bottom shelf is just a tad higher than the bottom element. Yeah,
I lose some setting space, but the even firing is more important to