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surfing with helen bates - usa miscellaneous - april 27h., 2004

updated thu 29 apr 04


Helen Bates on tue 27 apr 04

Surfing with Helen Bates - USA Miscellaneous - April 27h., 2004

(An eclectic group of links from all over the USA)

Tom Cannon (Ceramic Dreams) (Japan and USA)

Highly attractive decorative work in copper reds. Cannon's pots are
thrown, then altered by slicing, scalloping, carving, and adding parts.
A Native New Yorker, he spent many years in Tamba, Japan, working at
his own kiln there. He still returns there yearly to sell his work.

Way Shen (Denver, CO, USA)
Ms. Shen makes thrown and hand built high-fired porcelain fired in
oxidation. It is one of a kind, but very functional ware, and quite
varied in type. You can play her greetings to you if you wish. Just
click on the play arrow in the left-hand box to start the sound.

Ann Rennie (Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts, Wilmington, DE)
Shown are a couple of raku pots - the first one with strips of coil
cross-hatching the surface, a floor vessel constructed with textured
slabs, and two floral clay monoprints. Rennie was taught the process by
Mitch Lyons but her work has an entirely individual look.
(Thanks to Brooke fine for suggesting these last two sites.)

Melanie Jeffs (Workshop Wonders) (Missoula, MT, USA)
Ceramic tile artist Melanie Jeffs was artist-in-residence at Badlands
National Park in the autumn of 2003. While there, Jeffs created a
bright mural in the naive style called "Hoodoo Sky."

Strictly Functional Pottery National (Lancaster, PA, USA)
The 12th Annual SFPN show opened on April 24, 2004. The juror was
Susan Peterson. 105 pieces were selected out of a record total of 1468
slides! (Tip: open the image enlargements in a new tab or window, then
close that window and do the same for the next image.) Thanks for this
to Jean Lehman's "sig" in a post she made in late March.

Charles and Sherry Blim (Vasefinder)

New artists galleries: John Karrasch, TriPal Arts, Joe Winter, Richard
Lang, Bill Amsterlaw (yes, our own Bill Amsterlaw!) There is free
access to the galleries, which are for the display of work for sale.
For access to a growing online museum of mid-twentieth-century potters
and pots, and to a number of articles, you must join the site for an
annual fee.

Beer Stein Library (USA)

(USA collectors' site with lots of pics of antique German steins) One
listing is for Early Ceramic Steins (Pre-1850.) Note that this part of
Beer Stein Net is open to the public, but for access to the entire site,
one must pay an annual membership fee (similar to the vasefinder site.)

Multilingual Dictionary of Pottery Words

English/Dutch/French by Stefan Van Cleemput, Robert Wilt, and Clayarter
Edouard Bastarache.

Pottery terms glossary from "Poke-A-Nose" pottery.

There are one or two lines per definition. It's not bad!
(Poke-A-Nose is a paint-your-own business.)

Milk Fat on Pot Sherds (Science News Online)
Dairying Pioneers Milk ran deep in prehistoric England or:
Chemist Richard P. Evershed, Bristol University, England, used a new
mass spectrometric technique to identify milk fats on pots from the
ancient sites, which range from about 1,500 to 6,000 years old.

Sergio Herrera (1998 anthropology student, U. of Missouri-Columbia, USA)

(Scanning electron microscope (SEM) Examination of White Pottery from
Ancient Mexico) "White pottery was considered a luxury item by Native
Americans in ancient Mexico between 1300-900 B.C." (If there is any
other information about this type of pottery, of a white body covered
with a slip of red clay through which elaborate motifs have been
excised, I can't seem to find it online.)
(I did find this Mexican slipware tortilla making pan:


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