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surfing with helen bates - usa - mid - 26th. april, 2004

updated wed 28 apr 04


Helen Bates on tue 27 apr 04

Hello all!

Briscoe, Robert (Harris, MN, USA)

Briscoe has a few very nice ash glazed pots here. If you like, you may=20
send electronic postcards of works of art to your friends.
Also, if you enlarge any of the thumbnail images, you'll see a list of=20
the pieces on the site, and there are actually eight pieces, three of=20
which can be further zoomed to quite a large size, the Fluted Vase, the=20
third Noodle Bowl, and the second Jar . The photography is very good=20
too. The page is part of the site:=20
, an online database of Minnesota artists and=20
organizations, and a joint project of the McKnight Foundation and the=20
Walker Art Center. Briscoe has another url which is worth a visit=20
instead of the mnartists one, if you have low bandwidth:

The pots on view here are the same as the first four on the above site.
The site is part of the National Association of Independent Artists=20
website. As well as aiming to enhance the economic well-being of=20
exhibitors at high quality outdoor and indoor art and/or fine craft=20
shows, it is meant to "encourage creative expression and artistic=20
excellence, and expand public awareness, appreciation and acquisition of=20
fine art and fine craft." It is a good-looking, well-functioning site=20
with a number of search and browse choices.

Louis Katz (Clayarter!) (Corpus Christi, TX, USA)

Katz's recent online exhibition shows small colourful bowls that are=20
bisqued, and stacked together in the kiln with glaze on them. The fired=20
glaze holds them together. For his home page go to:=20
. There's lots to see there... for=20
instance, his experimenting with kneading rice into his clay...
... I just read Meticky Liz's comments on her trip to Thailand with=20
Louis, along with Denys James and Suwanee... I'd sure like to hear you=20
yodel, Louis!

Paul Latos (Linn Pottery) (Linn, WV, USA)

Paul Latos's built the Linn Pottery in 1979. "The majority of his=20
production line is stoneware, reduction fired in a (...) gas kiln. He=20
also works with high fire porcelain, raku, wood-fired, pit-fired, and=20
wood-fired salt glazed ware. He sometimes utilizes vapor glazing and=20
fuming." His output is more than prolific, and the functional and=20
visual qualities of his useful wares is extremely high. Visit his page=20
on woodfire salt-glazing. (Tip: open the images in a new tab or a new=20
page if you can... it's easier than using the back button... just close=20
the extra viewing space and click on the next piece.)

Sara Rayner(Red Wing, MN, USA)

Rayner makes solely bonsai containers of stoneware or porcelain. Glazes=20
are in some cases mixed with up to 50% ash for texture. I like the=20
"cascade" forms especially, and some of the roulette-textured round forms=

Dubhe Carreno Gallery (Chicago, Il, USA)=20

Dubhe Carre=F1o Gallery mentions plans to open a gallery space in the=20
River North area of Chicago in the spring of 2004. Meanwhile, its=20
ceramics only stock can be viewed by appointment, and, of course, via=20
the Internet. Tanya Batura, Sadashi Inuzuka (Canadian), Ron Kovatch,=20
Jae Won Lee, Noem=ED M=E1rquez, Eric Mirabito, Dennis Mitchell, Mariana=20
Monteagudo, Sydia Reyes, Patricia Rieger, Xavier Toubes, Susan York, all=20
of whom do sculptural ceramics of one sort or another. The site is not=20
fully viewable in the recent (Gecko) versions of Netscape. Otherwise,=20
it works very well. (I tried it successfully in the older non-Gecko=20
Netscape I still have on my computer, and used IE and Opera successfully=20
as well.

Kent State University Art Department, Gallery 138 (Kent, OH, USA)

7 cups from the 3rd. annual Kent State University, Gallery 138 National=20
Juried Cup Show. Juror of the show was William Brouillard, professor of=20
Art and the Ceramics Department Head at the Cleveland Institute of Art=20
in Cleveland, Ohio. (Sorry I didn't get this out to you earlier... the=20
application deadline for the 4th. annual show has passed.)

A surprise:
Craig Edwards, (New London MN, USA)

Clayarter Craig Edwards has wonderful, huge, pots in the photobucket=20
site, and shows a couple of his recent sculptural vessels in the=20
livejournal site.

I had hoped to send a bunch from the Eastern US, but have started=20
nodding off...

More anon!


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