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the craft and art of clay

updated tue 27 apr 04


Steven Goldate on sun 25 apr 04

Dear Clayarters,

some of you may have heard that I am writing a 'Dictionary of Ceramic
Artists', as advertised in Ceramics Technical one or two issues ago.

This will be an A-Z reference work with succinct biographical information
regarding ceramic artists and potters of differing nationalities throughout
various historical periods, including when they lived, the institutions at
which they studied, their particular field of artistic expertise and other
details. About 2,500 entries. It will slso include historically important
potteries, locations, historical periods and other selected terms relevant
to the ceramic art.

I have just set up a website about the dictionary, although at this stage
it is a very rudimentary one page affair: I
will be posting more pages there soon.

I have a request for some info. I have heard that Susan Peterson's latest
edition of 'The Craft and Art of Clay' has a number of Chinese ceramists
listed. I'm hoping someone might be able to email the names of those
artists/potters, or even better, if 'it's not asking too much, someone
might be able to send me some scans of those pages. I have ordered the
book, but it is taking ages to arrive. (Probably best to email me at I'll follow up again here if and when someone
responds so we don't get people doubling up and wasting their time!)

Thanks so much for any help!

best wishes,

Steven Goldate
Ceramics Today

Ivor and Olive Lewis on mon 26 apr 04

Dear Steven,
There is a dated list of modern American Ceramic Artists in Penn Uni
Press paperback of Rawson's "Ceramics".
Best regards,
Ivor Lewis. Redhill, South Australia