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sfpn opening & awards

updated tue 27 apr 04


Jean Lehman on mon 26 apr 04

The opening of the Strictly Functional Pottery National was a
smashing success! We had a good crowd and Susan Peterson gave an
interesting presentation that was almost a ceramic history lesson
punctuated with anecdotes. The exhibit is fabulous!!! Many people
said it is the best one yet!

The show is online now, although the webmaster is still working on
the juror's statement and other supporting information. (see web site
at end of post)

I will list the awards for this year below.

feeling sad and flying to California because my mother died on
Thursday... and wishing I could have left to be with her. Of course
this is the one week out of 52 that I really could not leave. She had
84 good years, but lived to be 90.

Cash Awards:

Best of Show:
$500 Standard Ceramic Supply
Barbara Hoffman for her Teapot and Four Cups

First Place:
$300 Del Val Potter's Supply
Cheryl Crownover for her Set of Six Nested Bowls

Second Place:
$250 Bailey Pottery Equipment
Suzanne Stumpf for her Six Triangulated Shino Plates

Award for Innovation:
$300 PA Guild of Craftsmen
Donna Cole for her "Seaspot II" Teapot.

Designer Craftsmen Award *
$250 Lancaster Designer-Craftsmen
Marian Baker for her Covered Dish

Potter's Group Award *
$150 Central PA Potter's Group
Hodaka Hasabe for his Stoneware Bowl.

Best Teapot:
$100 Penn-Mo Firebrick Co.
Connie Christensen for her Teapot

Best Thrown & Altered:
$200 Laguna Clay Co.
Jeff Campana for his Red Vase

Juror's Choice:
$100 Creative Industries
Nicholas Seidner for his Cruet Set

Juror's Choice:
$100 Orton Ceramic Foundation
Jack Troy for his Two Gallon Pitcher

Juror's Choice:
$100 Skutt Ceramic Products
Dede Schmidt for her Nesting Bowl Set

Author's Award $100
John Hesselberth & Ron Roy, Author's of Mastering Cone 6 Glazes
Lucy Fagella for her Sushi Set

Attorneys Award *
$100 Law Offices of Pfannebecker et al
Sarah Jaeger for her Teapot

Director's Award for Form & Function *
$200 Jean B. Lehman, Director, SFPN
Judith Duff for her Butter Cheese Dish

People's Choice Award: * *
$150 to be chosen by the public
Will be awarded May 31 at the close of the exhibit

Awards to go to Permanent Collections:

$500 Purchase for Permanent Collection of Nottingham Arts *
Sarah Jaeger for her Teapot

$250 Purchase for Permanent Collection of Ceramics Monthly
Sandy Singletary for her Pitcher

$200 Purchase for Permanent Collection of Clay Times
Bob Crystal for his Eight Quart Casserole

$150 Purchase for Permanent Collection of Bailey Pottery Equipment
Deborah Shapiro for her Platter

$100 Purchase for Permanent Collection of L&L Kiln Mfg
Lisa Buck for her Terra Sig Teapot

Merchandise Awards:

AMACO $100 Gift Certificate for Merchandise
Carol Grocki Lewis for her Matisse Inspired Vessel

Giffin Tec: Giffin Grip awarded to
Anne Fallis Elliott for her Pitcher on a Tray
Deborah Williams for her Turtle Tureen

ITC 4 Kiln Repair Kits for gas or electric kiln repairs to:
John Benn for his wood fired Vase
Janice Jakielski for her "Democracy Collection: Soup to Nuts"
Sequoia Miller for his Tamari Service
Lindy Shuttleworth for her "Art of Tea" on Tray

* Awards selected by the award sponsors.
All others selected by Susan Peterson.
Jean Lehman,

in Lancaster, PA
Check in on line to see the 12th Annual Strictly Functional Pottery
National exhibition, juried by Susan Peterson, which will open April
24, 2004.