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updated tue 27 apr 04


Charles Moore on mon 26 apr 04

Clayart Friends,

Yesterday evening, Steven Branfman called to give me a report on Jared's =
health. Steven also asked me to share the information with Clayart. I =
hope I got most of the information straight; because I pulled my lower =
back and have been quite sore, I have been pretty loaded with Vicodin =
for several days.

Steven said that Jared is doing fairly well considering the extent of =
his cancerous condition and the terrible treatment he has experienced. =
Some weeks ago, Jared underwent his first round of chemotherapy and =
radiation treatment and since has had some weeks of recuperation. =
Shortly, he will have an MRI to determine the effects of the earlier =
treatment. Within a couple of weeks he will commit to a 6-month period =
of chemotherapy once a month. Steven said that this round of chemo is =
expected to be rougher than the first, but at least Jared will not have =

About Jared's spirits: He is remaining up beat and is making plans to =
return to Alfred next year to finish off his Bachelor's degree in =
ceramics and in Spanish. He is even looking forward to entering the MFA =
program at Alfred after that year.

Steven said that Jared is working very hard to regain his strength with =
as much exercise as he can muster. He has even regained a little =
weight. Tim Pattison, who collected for the Jared Branfman Fund, =
emailed recently to say that Jared seems indomitable.

I expect to post at least a short update when Steven lets me know about =
the results of the MRI.

Steven said that cards and letters have continued to arrive. If you are =
interested in sending a card or a note, the address follows:=20
Jared Branfman
43 Chinian Path
Newton, MA 02459.

Thank you for all the care that you have sent on Jared's behalf.

Charles Moore