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re pitfiring

updated mon 26 apr 04


Ron Hughes on sun 25 apr 04

With the passing, years ago of a couple grandmothers, we've discovered =
"drugged" pots. Instead of disposing of their medications, I ground =
them up fine, and we sprinkle some of this on the pots in the pit (right =
there along with the vermiculite, rock salt and steel wool). An awful =
lot of the compounds that make up today's medications will just burn up. =
But, occasionally some element will leave an interesting "pea green" or =
an odd blue.

Since the initial discovery with Grandma's meds, others have donated =
their old, expired, or no longer used meds. A vet's assistant gave us =
some expired horse vitamins.

I use an antique coffee grinder to grind these up. And as with all =
potentially toxic chemicals used in the studio, wear a mask when messing =
with the powders.

Since your firing is next week; and, you're soliciting advice, report =
back to ClayArt with your results.

Ron (not Nancy)
Her Tech Support