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wheel head needed

updated mon 24 may 04


Wayne Norris on tue 20 apr 04

Were is a good place to get a new wheel head. I want to build a treadle
wheel and need a good place to get a wheel head for a good price. Thanks

Gary Harvey on sat 22 may 04

Sheffield pottery has brent wheels heads for sale go to then click on the equipment menu then wheels, then
brent wheels, scroll down to the last entry. However, I wonder if you
could have one made at a machine shop cheaper? Gary Harvey, Palestine TX

Michael Wendt on sun 23 may 04

One of the easiest ways to make a wheel head
for your potter's wheel is the Martin taper
bushing sprocket. Ask for the 40SDS48
sprocket and the SDS bushing with the bore
to match your shafting.
Use the unthreaded holes as a drill guide for
3 1/4" holes in the plate you use as the actual
wheel head surface.I countersink the holes and
use flat head bolts with allen sockets in them
to fasten the plate to the shaft mounted sprocket.
The next step is to mark and cut the plate as the
wheel head turns for a perfectly accurate and true
running wheel head. If you plan to use bat pins,
use a marking pen to locate the center while turning,
then use a fine tipped scratch awl to lay out a center
"X" and measure out 5" from this along a scratched
line to mark, centerpunch and drill the bat pin holes.
With care, a top quality wheel head can be made
for far less than you can buy one.
Michael Wendt
Wendt Pottery
2729 Clearwater Ave
Lewiston, Idaho 83501