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re-glazing a used plate

updated tue 20 apr 04


Frances Merrill on sun 18 apr 04

I know that this is late in the thread but I just remembered -- when I =
was in college, b.c. (before computers) -- we were assigned a =
lettering project -- I wanted to letter with copper enameling -- =
after a base coat of enamel, I applied rub on letters (Letraset brand - =
sp?) to use as a guide - applied colored enamel and brushed the unfired =
enamel off of the letters-planning to rub off the ash of the letters =
after firing -- the letters were unaffected by the firing -- they =
fired into the base glass -- I completed the project by firing the =
rub on letters into the enamel -- since I was using a small table top =
"hot plate" type kiln I have no idea what temp. I used -- although I =
know the letters survived enameling temp. -- since letters are to be =
added to the plate this might be worth testing -- possibly the =
letters would fuse at a lower temp. -- don't know if the letters are =
still made or have the same chemical make-up -- just a thought that =
someone might like to investigate

Robert Merrill -- Valley View, Texas