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craig martell workshop

updated thu 3 mar 05


James Bowen on sun 18 apr 04

$40 for two days with Craig Martell. Oh my. That's a bargain
worth a few hundred extra miles of driving. I attended a
workshop he had in Boulder Colorado (a three hour drive) for
much more and consider that a very worthwhile experience.
Ask him to bring some blue celadon tea bowls and those great
covered footed pots with the ash glazes and slip trailing.
Killer porcelain pots, but his ideas translate to all clay
types. Oh did I say he is a great guy? He is.

James Bowen
Boyero Colorado

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George Washington

Judith Marvin on mon 10 may 04

For those of you coming for the Craig Martell workshop at Wendt Pottery this
coming weekend--don't worry about bringing food for Friday. The Palouse
Studio Potters Guild will provide lunch.

Looking forward to meeting more clayarters--workshop should be great!

See ya then,
Judith Marvin

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Joan Ridings on tue 1 mar 05

I just finished a two day workshop with Craig Martell at Mother Earth =
Clay Art Center in Sunnyvale, California, what a delight. He brought =
years of experience as a studio potter that he openly shared with us. =
From helpful hints (broccoli rubber bands used to compress clay) to =
wonderful recipes for porcelain clay and slips. What an excellent =
artist. His slip designs looked simple and fluid; a technique that must =
take a long time to master. It's really great to spend time with an =
artist who is so humble about himself and his art. Thanks Craig. I'm =
really looking forward to visiting with you again at your farm and =
Joan Ridings