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chris hendley tools ; was: a town can have 2 tool makers

updated wed 21 apr 04


Lee Love on tue 20 apr 04

clennell wrote:

>I'm a Phil fan for tungsten carbide tools but Lee sent me this website for
>Chris Henley tools. I ordered the Gerry Horning trimming tool and it's on
>it's way. Chris makes some very sexy tools that i think Clayart ought to
>look at. Don't know if Lee has already turned you on to this guy but have a
>some fantastic Japanese style tools that Mel would be proud of. ladles,
>ribs, butterflies, some neat stuff.
My Hendley, "Hamada inspired", egote (throwing sticks) arrived yesterday
and boy are they Beauties! You can see them here:

I also promised photos of my "Horning Tools" that Chris made. These
not only work as good or better than the original, but Chris is a
flexible and generous person to work with. Thank you Chris!
Please check out his web site:

I include a closeup and some angles that might help show off the pointed tip. With this point, it you are able to make lines and sharp corners that round loop tools are incapable of. I attribute Phil's not being able to see this feature in my original photos because of the poor quality of the photo. I apologize. I hope these photos will show it better. Also, these photos do not, as Joyce commented about the web page, do justice to the true beauty of the wood and the craftsmanship:


in Mashiko, Japan