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decorative and functional: rantish...kelly's mentions...

updated mon 19 apr 04


pdp1@EARTHLINK.NET on sat 17 apr 04

Hi Kelly,

Hmmm...this got me going somewhat...

Is there maybe a way to qualify the Chickens, or their
specific breed, or as their specific breed may be said to
be, as being 'decorative'?
A 'decorative' breed
as it were?

Letters of such import may certainly be had...

( I would
gladly encourage you to obtain
one, or help get you one, or point you in the direction from
which one may obtain one, and on a compelling letterhead
too... from an obscure and famous poultry expert, and why
not? Or, a back dated Carbon copy as allows
you to scold 'them' for being unable to find 'their' copy of
your accompanying cover-letter to them, sent months ago, of
"the" letter?...or, if things can get 'complicated', why not
help them to be?)


Best wishes,

el vee

----- Original Message -----
From: "primalmommy"

> I have discovered that 1) kids love picking up sticks in
the yard if they get to put them in a
> fire, 2) I can make a four foor flame shoot out of the
top of a chiminea, and 3) it really IS
> nice to sit on the deck at the chill of early spring dusk
with a nice crackling fire to stare at.
> Perfectly legal. This is just one more on my list of
> If I had, say, 25 hyperactive, barking, pooping Afghan
Hounds in my yard, it would be
> legal. My half dozen small, quiet laying hens, however,
brought down the wrath of the
> township's zoning board, threats of police confiscation,
and a long and expensive battle to
> challenge the ruling. Why? Because we are zoned
residential, and chickens are "farm
> animals', (functional) and thus prohibited. Because they
are useful, eat bugs, and lay me
> an enormous, orange-yolked, organic, grass fed egg every
day, they are somehow an
> embarrasment to the neighborhood.
> I asked the board, "If I were raising, say, anteaters, or
peacocks.. that would be legal?"
> The guys in suits scratched their heads, concluded, yep,
that would be legal.
> The list continued. Decorative bird: cockatoo, peacock,
etc -- legal. Functional: Chicken, illegal.
> Technically, I could have a Vietnamese pot bellied pig,
but not a pig intended for the
> freezer.
> Yours,
> Kelly in Ohio
> who completely loves Lili Krakowski and her sympathy for
her fellow man, PITA or otherwise... if we admit that deep
down we're all just a bunch of little kids playing at
grown-up, it's a lot easier to cut each other some slack. if
I can get in the right frame of mind (a fleeting but
recurrent thing), I can look get flipped off by some
tailgating maniac in traffic and think, "too bad he's got so
much stress and tension and anger.. lucky me not to have
such a frustrating life..."