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seagrove kiln openings today..........

updated sun 18 apr 04


Randy McCall on sat 17 apr 04

Spent the morning and part of the afternoon visiting Seagrove for their =
spring kiln openings.
Very inspiring. Wonderful stuff to say the least. Master potterys all.

Went by Ben Owen III's studio, Cady Clay, Old Hard Times, Blue Moon, =
Phil Morgan, Tom Gray (He has a wonderful Chesapeak), Chrisco's, and =
Crystal King. Most were very busy today. I am going to have to go =
during the week when maybe they are not as busy.

Bought a nice wood fired mug from John Mellage who showed me his wood =
fired kiln and studio at Cady Clay. Also got some wonderful salt glazed =
tumblers from Old Hard Times.

Took a number of pictures of Ben Owen's studio and pieces, they are =

I am about 80 miles away so maybe I get back up there and have more time =
for it to all sink in.

53 Potteries participated it looks like from the brochure. Many will be =
open tomorrow.