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killing trees (was: copper leaching/solubility)

updated sun 18 apr 04


Janet Kaiser on sat 17 apr 04

In our neck of the woods, the more expensive copper nails used
for slate roofing because they do not corrode as badly in the air
and water-borne salt as the iron pins (that is the theory) are
hammered into the trunks of trees one wants to kill. I can vouch
this brutal method works, after sadly having to kill an elder
growing in the stone wall at the back of The CoA. Saved it
causing the wall to collapse onto a public highway or us
demolishing the wall to get rid of the tree. It was not an
instant execution... Took two years for the poor thing to
gradually die.

In the same way, a copper penny in a flower display does very
well, because it stops the bacteria making the water anaerobic
and smelly. This alone prolongs the life of cut flowers and saves
changing the water in a vase as often. The copper "poisoning"
would no doubt take longer than the natural life of a flower once
it has been cut.


Janet Kaiser -- Trusting Mr. Bush is enjoying playing with his
loyal poodle...

>One of the clues to copper ore deposits in this region of
>was the lack of vegetation in areas where the soil was rich in
>Because of its toxicity Copper kills soil bacteria and
>fungi, essential for the well being of many native species.
>The copper coin, rather than keeping the flowers alive may be
>bacteria and microscopic invertebrates which would cause the
stems to
>decay and promote death of the display.
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