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updated fri 16 apr 04


lili krakowski on thu 15 apr 04

MarjB is right. Once the handles are soaked they will straighten out.
(Even old women straighten out after a nice hot soak.) Humid Summer
days will straighten out handles. Or why many come from the store with
a string binding. Do find the handles closest to your need and desire.
Soak it. Shape and bind it. When you are ready just put it on. I
prefer to rebind both the ends and the middle till the thing is dry,
because those dear little braided binding rings at the ends are not
THAT strong, and stressed on real big handles. If the handle is big
enough to twist, as suggested, a brace of two pieces of wood will work.

Kelly. Were we not a bit mad, we would not be potters. Right? Frans
Wildenhain made the tiles for a floor in his Pittsford house by
building a box, layer of sand, and stomping clay into it. Students
were "allowed" to help--all done with bare feet. Book I have on
Medieval tile suggests that is how it wuzdone back then.

I have a box about 18" x 18" in which I stomp out bad clay. To about
1" thick. I do add grog or mushed firebrick dust. Fire as I go along.
When I have enough will do garden path.

SUGGESTION: build a reasonable box on a reasonable surface in your
garden. Shovel the clay in, get kiddies to stomp it as Summer project.
When clay good and stomped and leather hard, cut into tiles.

When tiles are dry, take them out ONE BY ONE and mark on back to
identify them for final placement.

I hate to be reasonable. About swimming pool tile. Has anyone
suggested calling a company that builds swimming pools and asking about
a paint? I am sure they are asked everytime when some school wants to
write Cougar on the bottom of their pool!

lili krakowski

Be of good courage