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electric kiln relays - better pricing

updated fri 16 apr 04


John Bandurchin on thu 15 apr 04

Hi Clayart Folks
I thought I'd pass on some info about the relays used in Cone Art - and =
possible a lot of other kilns.
I needed to replace a relay and talked to my local electrical supplier =
after looking on the web and finding prices about $28 US each. He =
suggested Electro Sonic in Toronto, where I bought Potter & Brumfield =
T92P11D22-12 relays for the astounding price of $12.15 $Cdn each. Of =
course there was $10 shipping but since I bought enough to replace all =
relays in both our kilns that was trivial.
Incidentally, our pottery supplier's price for these is $37.95 $Cdn

Cheapskate John
in Baltimore Ontario