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craig martell workshop photos?

updated fri 16 apr 04


Carol Tripp on thu 15 apr 04

Oh to be in Idaho in mid May. Can't, so I'd like to inquire about what is
going on in three of the photos of a previously held Craig Martell workshop.
What is the "little level" shown in the middle photo, row 5? This is seen
again in row 9, left photo, "leveling jar_1".
What is the meaning of "screwing feet", row 8, middle photo?
Thanks for any clarification.
Best regards,
Dubai, UAE
Where I am exploring making my own cane handles. A book on knots is proving
very useful.

A bit of what Dave F wrote:
> For those of you who aren't too far away, or who may be in the
>in mid-May, there is a fine, incredibly inexpensive Craig Martell workshop
>in Idaho. The workshop will be May 14 & 15 at Wendt Pottery, home of
>kaolin, located on the south shore of the Clearwater River in Lewiston.
> If you aren't familiar with Craig's gorgeous work, check out Samagra
>Melville's great photos at


> Hint: the last few photos show the fired work Craig is making in
>workshop photos from last fall.
> Craig has been a full-time, highly successful studio potter in

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