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craig martell workshop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

updated thu 29 apr 04


Dave Finkelnburg on wed 14 apr 04

Hi all!
For those of you who aren't too far away, or who may be in the Northwest
in mid-May, there is a fine, incredibly inexpensive Craig Martell workshop
in Idaho. The workshop will be May 14 & 15 at Wendt Pottery, home of Helmer
kaolin, located on the south shore of the Clearwater River in Lewiston.
If you aren't familiar with Craig's gorgeous work, check out Samagra
Melville's great photos at
Hint: the last few photos show the fired work Craig is making in these
workshop photos from last fall.
Craig has been a full-time, highly successful studio potter in western
Oregon for around 25 years. His work is sold in several Northwest
galleries. See the April, 2002 Ceramics Monthly for details about Craig,
his process, and photos of his work. He is a great artist with a shrewd
grasp of glaze technology and he's fun, considerate and generous about
sharing what he knows.
The workshop fee is only $40, since Michael Wendt talked a mining
company, developing a nearby feldspar and kaolin deposit, into paying the
majority of the workshop cost!
For full details and to register for the workshop, contact Michael Wendt
Wendt Pottery
2729 Clearwater Ave
Lewiston, ID 83501
Good potting!
Dave Finkelnburg, who has no financial connection to any of the
above, but who is absolutely excited about attending Craig's workshop!

P.S. May is positively the best time to visit the Palouse prairie country
of north Idaho and eastern Washington. Historic Lewiston (about a 2-hour
drive south from Spokane, 6-hours from Portland or Boise) is located at the
junction of the Clearwater and Snake Rivers on the Idaho/Washington border
at the south end of the Palouse. Near there the Lewis and Clark expedition
spent time with the Nez Perce Indians, both going to and returning from the
mouth of the Columbia River on the Oregon coast. At 700-feet elevation
Lewiston is the lowest spot in Idaho, sure to be warm and pleasant in

Craig Martell on thu 15 apr 04

Hello Dave:

Thanks for taking your time to plug my workshop in Lewiston. I promise
that I'll show up on time and do my very best.

I might also say that I have no connection or obligation to the Feldspar
producers that are funding some of the expense and they haven't asked that
I use or plug their products. But, I have tested the feldspar and I'm very
enthusiastic about using it in claybodies and glazes.

See you at the gig, Craig Martell Hopewell, Oregon

ps and thanks to Samagra Melville for reorganizing her home page so folks
can view the slides of the Boulder workshop. What a great group of folks
they are and a pleasure to work with. David Beaumee mixed the clay that I
used and it was killer stuff.

sdr on thu 15 apr 04

workshop will be May 14 & 15 at Wendt Pottery,
> Melville's great photos at
..........a great artist with a shrewd
> grasp of glaze technology and he's fun, considerate and generous about
> sharing what he knows.
> The workshop fee is only $40, >>>>>>>

Aw, geeeeeeeez. I can't go, but that is SO inexpensive that if
I had the time it would be worth FLYING to go. Y'all get there,
by hook or by crook. Craig's work is truly wonderful stuff,
and he's a good teacher. Have a great time!


Dannon Rhudy

Michael Wendt on wed 28 apr 04

We have 20 registered.
Can you bring your slide projector? Mine doesn't want to cycle anymore so
slides must be fed one at a time by hand. What's your phone number?
Also, do you want to bring some of your own clay for demo. I will also have
my porcelain here for you if you want to try it but I know how it is to
work with an unfamiliar material. Surprises sometimes...
We can also do softness testing and try out the deairing machine on your
clay body.
Excited to see you soon,
Michael Wendt
Wendt Pottery
2729 Clearwater Ave
Lewiston, Idaho 83501